Real Good Fish | Bay2Tray | We are working with the Monterey Pennisula Unified School District to bring them local seafood that was once discarded as bycatch.
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We are working with the Monterey Pennisula Unified School District to bring them local seafood that was once discarded as bycatch. These fish are now being served in public school lunches in tacos, and salads, replacing less popular fish sticks, and out selling the traditional pizza we know students love so much! We are currently in conversation with other schools throughout California to provide them local, sustainable seafood for their students.

As part of a larger California Thursdays innitiative supported by The Center for Ecoliteracy we are working to feed our children local nutritious meals, reduce food miles, and support sustainable regional food systems. 

Why are we doing this? Most students do not have access to healthy proteins such as seafood due to either geographical or financial limitations. Creating healthy meals for under $1.25 per student is incredibly challenging, but we are endowed with abundant local species that can provide one of the healthiest proteins possible, at any price. Giving students access to healthy local seafood is not only benefits in the short term, but also in the long term, exposing them to the bounty of our oceans that teaches them the importance and benefits of making local seafood a regular part of their diet. As the agricultural industry has learned, introducing young students to local produce like carrots, kale, broccoli, etc. at an early age exposes students to healthy eating habits before they develop unhealthy eating practices. This is especially important in communities when unhealthy foods are more readily available.

As the first program of its kind in California we are excited to see it grow. If your interested in learning more please email us at hello(at)realgoodfish(dot)com