Real Good Fish | FAQ |
Below are the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions (FAQs).
What kinds of seafood can I expect?

We provide as much variety as possible, and you can maximize your experience of it with a weekly delivery rather than the every other week option. Here is a list of species you can usually expect, by season:

Spring: Abalone (sustainably farmed), black cod (sablefish), Dungeness crab, grenadier, Pacific herring, market squid, oysters (sustainably farmed), Petrale sole, ridgeback prawns, rockfish (rock cod), sand dabs 

Summer: Abalone (sustainably farmed), black cod (sablefish), California halibut, Dungeness crab, grenadier, lingcod, market squid, Pacific salmon, Petrale sole, rockfish (rock cod), sand dabs, sardines, white sea bass 

Fall: Abalone (sustainably farmed), black cod (sablefish), California halibut, grenadier, market squid, Pacific albacore, Pacific salmon, Petrale sole, ridgeback prawns, rockfish (rock cod), sand dabs, sardines 

Winter: Abalone (sustainably farmed), anchovies, black cod (sablefish), Dungeness crab, grenadier, oysters (sustainably farmed), Pacific herring, Petrale sole, ridgeback prawns, rockfish (rock cod), sand dabs 

What if I don't want fish every week? Here's our "A" and "B" week schedule!

That's an easy one! We have the option of signing up for an every other week delivery, so you'll only receive seafood twice a month. You can also arrange to share with friends and family members. Our schedule is broken up into "A" weeks and "B" weeks. If you're wondering what week we are on, take a look at the calendar below or send us an email:



What are the health benefits to eating seafood?

This is a long and astonishing list. Seafood has ample essential nutrients like iodine, selenium, zinc and potassium. These help with thyroid issues and protect you from cancer. Fish and shellfish are also excellent sources of many vitamins, including vitamins A and D. Seafood is great for your heart and decrease chances of heart disease, as it lowers your cholesterol. Eating fish regularly eases symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis. It keeps your eyes bright, and protects the eyesight of those suffering from age-related macular degeneration. The healthy fatty acids keep dementia at bay. Seafood's high levels of omega-3’s actually boost your mood. These Omega-3's improve your skin and hair, and make you smarter. Did we miss anything? Oh yes, it also increases your libido. 

I am pregnant. Should I eat seafood?

Only if you want your child to be intelligent, healthy and calm. Studies have shown increased verbal IQ of 7.55 points of children whose mothers ate seafood during pregnancy. (Though not fish oil supplements. Read this article in Psychology Today for more information.) Children of seafood-eating moms also had lower hyperactivity. Pregnant women DO want to avoid eating fish high in mercury, which includes the large fish like ahi tuna, swordfish, king mackerel and tilefish.  


What if I'm going on vacation or need to hold a delivery?

The best/easiest/fastest way to set a hold is by logging into your account. You can set your own vacation hold by clicking on the "Delivery Holds" tab, and selecting the dates you'll be gone. When you set the hold yourself this way, you get an automated confirmation right away, and can set it anytime.

If you have difficulty or questions with doing this, email us and we will help you. We ask that you give us at least three days notice for vacation leave if possible. More notice is even better to ensure that we don’t catch or source fish for you that week. By doing this we reduce any waste associated with the uncertainty of sales. This ensures that more fish aren't caught than needed.

When setting your hold please keep in mind that you should include the day before your delivery so you won't receive the newsletter (this can cause some confusion). If you get a delivery on Tuesday, set your hold to include the Monday before that. If your pick up is Thursday, start your vacation hold on that Wednesday. End every delivery hold the day after the last delivery you want to skip. If you end it the day before your next delivery, you won't receive that week's newsletter. Here is a quick graphic we hope will be helpful.


How does your pricing work?

Each delivery is $22.00. You can choose to opt out of certain species to meet your preferences for an additional $1.00 per opt-out. This pays for the service to get you more of what you want. The minimum commitment is 4 deliveries.

How many servings are in a share?

Depending on the species, shares are most often 1-2 pounds. This could feed 2-4 people, depending on your preferences. The recommended serving size of seafood by the American Heart Association is 3.5 ounces twice a week, but we know everyone eats differently and will have different views on how many servings are in a share.

Why does your seafood taste so amazing?

Because it’s so fresh and handled with care. Most seafood in stores and restaurants goes through a long supply chain that might involve 7 brokers in different parts of the world. During this process, it might be frozen and thawed several times. (This is the case with most squid, but not ours). It then sits in a case at the grocery store for several days. Our seafood goes right from the boat to our skilled fish processors at Del Mar Seafood, then straight to you. It's really quite amazing, and many members agree: life changing. 

What if I want to host a site?

Please send us an email at and we’d love to talk. We usually need a minimum of 20 friends, family members, or neighbors to get a site up and running.

What if I am allergic to shellfish or other types of seafood?

You can opt out of about anything that you don’t like or have allergies to.

Opt-out means you DO NOT want to receive a certain species. We ask that you keep an open mind and try diverse types seafood. This helps support bio-diversity in our ocean and economic diversity for our fishermen and processors. It also helps you grow in your culinary skills and might even introduce you to seafood you never knew you loved. 

However, we understand some things just aren't a good fit for you personally and we offer an option to opt-out of those species. If you choose to opt-out of a specific item, you are saying that you DO NOT wish to receive that species ever, and instead would like a frozen or fresh alternative depending on what is available. Please indicate this within your account preferences by selecting from the available opt-outs. Allergic to something that you don’t see on the list? Email us directly and we'll find a solution.

What if I don't know how to cook a certain species of fish?

We send recipes and how-to’s with each newsletter. We also have a website full of recipes, cooking tips, and videos. Have a look around and begin your next culinary adventure!

What if I go to the pick-up and my name is not on the list?

This should not happen. If this is the case, then please call or email us immediately. There may be confusion with pick-up sites or vacation holds.

What if I miss my pick-up?

Check your site instructions for the specifics first, and contact us if you need help to get in touch with your site host. If you miss your pick-up, then it’s up to the site host. Some will email us, and we will try to remind you in time. Or they might be able to leave the cooler out longer. But if you forget, your share will most likely end up donated to a lucky seafood lover.