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We source the freshest seafood, exclusively from the California coastline, directly from our local fisherman to your neighborhood! You can customize your account to receive a different local species on a weekly or bi-weekly schedule, and can choose what sized share you would like based on what is best for you and your family.

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What to Expect
With each delivery, you will receive not only the freshest seafood on the coast, but also the specifics about where, when, how, and who caught your fish! We offer full transparency of where your food is coming from, so you know it is fresh and so you can put a name to the local fisherman you are supporting by subscribing to this program. This is seafood you can trust!

The day before each delivery we send you an email with all of the information about the seafood you are scheduled to receive the following day, as well as recipes ideas, preparation tips, any membership reminders or updates, and the opportunity to add on to your order with something from our web store.

The morning of your delivery, we have a special add-on sale, where you have access to any additional seafood we have fresh off the boat! We try to always have a variety of species you can choose from, giving you the chance to try something new and put together some truly spectacular and healthy meals.

Members Also Enjoy Exclusive Access to Premade, Delicious Products
You will also have exclusive access to ordering our value-added products. Our in-house Chef, Kevin, makes specialties such as smoked black cod, dungeness crab ravioli, salmon burgers, anchovy boquerones and so much more! Sometimes these products are available on our Web Store, but many times they are just in the morning sale with our daily fresh supply because they are so popular!

Flexible Memberships
Our customization allows you to opt-out of certain types of seafood if you have dietary concerns, allergies, or just taste preferences, and you are always able to put your account on hold if there is a week you are unable to pick up your delivery. Please try to give us 48 hours with delivery hold requests, and feel free to reach out to our customer service with any other requests or questions you may have!

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