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- Julia Child
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Broiled Fish Tacos With Mexican Slaw
Rockfish, and many other kinds of fillet, is great broiled and added to fresh homemade tacos. This recipe is incredibly versatile, so feel free to get creative. We have it here with a Mexican slaw to top them.
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Indian Style Fish in Ginger Garlic Sauce
This delicious recipe works beautifully with any firm fish. It's also quick to prepare, so it's a recipe you'll turn to again and again. From Indian Inspired Gluten-Free Cooking by Alamelu Vairavan and Margaret Pfeiffer.
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Cioppino is the original fisherman's stew from San Francisco. Feature a flexible assortment of seafood in it, or focus on one or two seafoods, like Dungeness crab when it's in season. We've made some suggestions below!
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Pan-Seared Marinated Halibut Fillets
This easy recipe was sent to us from member Jamie Kohlmann, who found it through the New York Times cooking section online. This would work well with many other kinds of fillet: grenadier, lingcod, Petrale or Pacific Dover sole, rockfish, or white Seabass, to name a few. Be creative and enjoy!
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Squid Ink Linguine with Melted Leek Cream Sauce, and Roasted Heirloom Tomatoes
This is one of those dishes that is hard to stop eating! The pasta, with its dramatic color and mild flavor reminiscent of the sea, when combined with the lush cream sauce, roasted tomatoes, and fresh basil, makes a mouthwatering and memorably satisfying meal on its own. But it's very seafood friendly too. Add calamari to it for the perfect symphony of flavors - or maybe you prefer shrimp, or flaked halibut fillet pieces, get the idea!
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Lemon Parmesan Lingcod with Garlic Butter
This mouthwatering lingcod recipe will delight everyone! It can be made with halibut, rockfish, or almost any other fillet, and we think it would be exquisite with prawns or shrimp too! It comes to us from our member and site host, Debra Brender in Monte Sereno, who found it on the food blog Cooking With Mamma C. It's her family's favorite, and soon will be yours too!
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Kevin's Baja Style Grenadier Fish Tacos
These tacos sell out wherever we serve them! Try them at home and see how delicious they are. You can substitute halibut, lingcod, rockfish, and even salmon - they are all fantastic prepared this way!
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Mediterranean Grilled Whole Rockfish
The most mislabeled seafood in the United States is red snapper, which lives in the Gulf of Mexico. On the West Coast if you see "Red Snapper" in a fish store or on a menu, it's more likely rockfish. This is too bad, because rockfish are local, really tasty, and deserve to be well known. This delicious recipe from Food & Wine Magazine highlights the rich flavor and texture of rockfish with simple grilling that's perfect for warm evenings.
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Rockfish Chowder
This is a comforting and super healthy fish chowder with a clear broth and lots of flavor. Yum!
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Thai Style Roasted Whole Fish
Utilizing the whole fish is common many places. Although it can be easier to use just fillets, utilizing the whole fish creates more opportunity for creativity and unlocks considerably more flavors.
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One-Dish Rockfish with Spinach, Tomatoes and Fresh Dill
Rockfish fillets are baked on a bed of fresh spinach with some simple seasonings for a delicious and easy one-dish meal.
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Chilipepper Rockfish with Sprouted Lentils, Spinach and Local Flowers by Chef Justin Cogley, Aubergine Resturant, Carmel CA
A featured menu item at Aubergine restaurant in Carmel, this chilipepper rockfish dish celebrates the bounty of the Central Coast region. Chef Justin Cogley's ingredient-driven fish recipe uses varied textures and flavors, combining a sprouted lentil and spinach/herb purée mixture with the moist, firm white fish. Prepare the purée the night before.
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Acqua Pazza
Cooking grenadier or any other white fish in Acqua Pazza, or "crazy water" is a great way to ensure you end up with a moist, tasty, Italian dish.
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Moroccan Fish Tagine with Tomatoes, Olives and Preserved Lemons
This is a tangy, complex sauce that goes really well with Petrale sole, rockfish, halibut and seabass.
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IPA-Battered Fish & Chips via Food52
This traditional pub food gets a twist, as the beer batter has a hoppy IPA added to it. There's also a recipe for homemade chips included as well. Tartar sauce, aioli, and malt vinegar.
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Roasted Whole Rockfish, Egyptian Style
The Egyptian nut, seed, and spice mixture called dukkah is the heart and soul of this dish, and just about anything else you put it on too! There are many variations according to taste and the type of food you're serving it on or with, so feel free to improvise. The rich, warm, zesty flavors of freshly made dukkah are worth the effort and it keeps well in the refrigerator for several weeks. This recipe would be excellent on many types of fish, whole or fillet, plus meats like lamb and chicken, or on vegetables or bread dipped in olive oil. Add mint, thyme, rosemary, oregano, or red pepper flakes to the basic mixture to customize your dish.
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Chinese Style Steamed Rockfish (Whole)
With just a few simple ingredients, whole rockfish is allowed to shine! This simple Chinese style recipe follows the tradition of steaming the fish in a wok, but you can use a regular pan if that's all you have.
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Video: How to Prepare a Mild Fish
In this video, chef Kevin Butler demonstrates an excellent method for preparing mild fish like halibut, to preserve moisture while adding a nice sear.
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