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- Julia Child
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Black Cod Tacos Al Pastor
This recipe is adapted from chef Gabriela Camara of Mexico City, who made her mark on the food world with her restaurant Contramar. For those of us in the San Francisco area, she has another fabulous restaurant, Cala. Diana Kennedy, anthropologist and author of Mexican Regional Cooking, has been her friend and advisor for years. Chef Camara is using local, seasonal seafood in her San Francisco restaurant, including this stellar recipe for black cod.
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Soba Noodles with Carmel Canyon Smoked Black Cod
Ramen bowls are a delicious and simple way to eat a variety of textures and flavors in one deeply satisfying dish. Also, you can often use what you have on hand to make it.
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Coconut Lime Black Cod
This luscious recipe comes to us from Bon Appetit. It's quick and easy to prepare, but makes a meal to remember.
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Baked or Grilled Black Cod (Sablefish) Teriyaki
A quick, sweet and easy preparation for black cod, and a range of other species. This takes just minutes to make a delicious meal.
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Claypot Fish with Savory Caramel Sauce
This recipe is adapted from Charles Phan, chef-owner of the Slanted Door and many other San Francisco restaurants, who created a version of it for schools participating in the Real Good Fish Bay2Tray program. The chilies give it a little heat, so omit them or remove the seeds if you'd like a milder sauce. Densely packed palm sugar is available at Asian markets. Serve with jasmine rice.
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Fresh Cod with Lemon Basil Glaze
This glaze is great for a variety of fish including black cod (sablefish), lingcod, grenadier and more. It adds a great flavor and only takes minutes to whip up. Other herbs substitute well when basil is not available, so be creative and enjoy!
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Thai Style Roasted Whole Fish
Utilizing the whole fish is common many places. Although it can be easier to use just fillets, utilizing the whole fish creates more opportunity for creativity and unlocks considerably more flavors.
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Black Cod (Sablefish) Tacos with Black Bean & Mango Salsa
Fish tacos are always good. Getting creative with the toppings and flavors you add to them is always fun and this recipe for black bean mango salsa is a great new approach to fish tacos!
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Hong Kong Marinated Sablefish
This recipe appeared in the May 2004 issue of Coastal Living magazine. It is delicious! Serves 4.
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Black Cod With Olives & Potatoes in Parchment
"A favorite Barese recipe (often named for San Nicola, the guardian saint of sailors), these little packets seal in the fish and vegetable juices, with the potato slices insulating the fish from the heat of the oven and the olives and lemon slices emphasizing its bright flavors."
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Nobu's Miso-Marinated Black Cod Recipe
This recipe is a classic Japanese fish preparation, made famous by the chef Nobu Matsuhisa, and it's popular for a reason: Soaked for several days in the salty-sweet miso marinade, black cod becomes silky, deeply seasoned, and completely irresistible.
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Roasted Black Cod with Bok Choy and Soy Caramel Sauce
This recipe is from the book Good Fish by Becky Selengut. She's a Seattle-based chef whose recipes are based on local, sustainable seafood. There's a lot of crossover with our local seafood, so it's really worth getting a copy. This recipe brings together black cod, with a miso-like dressing, only a little richer. The cabbage and bok choy add nice texture and lighten the richness.
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Miso-Glazed Black Cod
Most recipes for miso-glazed fish are for salmon, because fatty fish are well suited for this preparation, but this recipe from cookbook author Martha Rose Shulman uses black cod and a marinade based on Japanese chef Nobuyuki Matsuhisa
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Video: How to Prepare Oily Fish - Salmon Fillet with Crispy Skin and Thyme Butter
In this video, chef Kevin Butler demonstrates how to perfectly cook a salmon fillet with crispy skin and a thyme butter sauce. This method works well for other oily fillets, like black cod.
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Video: How to Prepare Black Cod With a Crispy Skin
In this video, chef Kevin Butler demonstrates how easy it is to prepare black cod - or other oily fish - with a crisp skin and satisfying texture. Here, it is served with unagi sauce, spring salad, and chives.
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