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“Learn how to cook, try new recipes, learn from your mistakes, be fearless, and above all have fun! ”
- Julia Child
Colu Henry's Lobsta Pasta Fra Diavolo
Cookbook Author and Cooking contributor for The New York Times, Colu Henry, created a special recipe using our Real Good Fish lobster. In her words, "This might be the best pasta I've made in a very long time. In fact, it is."
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Linguine with Tuna, Arugula, and Lemon
On the Amalfi Coast of Italy, grilled chunks of tuna over pasta is popular with grated lemon zest. This recipe from Bon Appétit is reminiscent of the warm coast and these two comfort foods, tuna & pasta, with lemon & arugula for a spicy, tart elegance. Mackerel is delicious this way too!
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Steamed Clams With Lemon, Garlic, and Parsley
This quick, easy, and really delicious recipe came to us from member Alice Gates-Wilcox, who found it in Comfortable Under Pressure by Meredith Laurence. While her preparation uses a pressure cooker, this could be done easily without one too. Without pressure cooking, small clams will only need about 10 minutes of steaming.
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Fresh Linguine with Manila Clams and Sausage
While perusing clam linguine recipes, we noticed that many included instructions for making your own fresh pasta. There really is nothing quite like it, but we know that many of our members don't have time, so we offer fresh linguine from Bigoli Pasta in our member store whenever we can. Whatever pasta you use, this recipe will turn out delicious!
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Pasta with Fresh Anchovy, Fennel and Garlic Sauce
This recipe came to us from Cooking with Rosetta. This pasta features a fresh, light, summery sauce with recognizable pieces of tomato and anchovy.
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Seafood Spaghetti with Mussels and Shrimp
You might not ever go back to “regular spaghetti” after making this delicious version with mussels and shrimp. Your whole family will love the rich seafood flavor of the sauce. Serve with warm, crusty bread to prevent everyone from licking their plates at the table.
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Ocean White Fish Mexican-Style Pasta
White fish gets elevated with Mexican flavors and Italian linguine. We think this dish is perfect with a margarita on the back deck. What time should we be over?
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Creamy Lobster Pappardelle
Wide-ribbon Pappardelle pasta noodles and delicious lobster tails come together in a delectable dinner dish that is sure to please for any weeknight or weekend dinner.
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